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Visual ELA Resources for 21st Century Classrooms

I design & create ✨VISUAL✨ educational resources so all learners can access and participate in meaningful, 💪🏼challenging learning opportunities.

I am ❤️passionate❤️ about gradeless assessment, 🌎universal design for learning & making ✏️secondary classrooms more VISUAL! 👀

Visual ELA Resources for 21st Century Classrooms

My goal is to support teachers working their magic to ensure that all learners can access and participate in meaningful, challenging learning opportunities.

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Personalized Units & Lessons

I design my novel study 📚 and Shakespeare resources à la carte style. Meaning teachers customize their own unit plan by selecting from my editable, skill-based lessons and activities!

Each lesson comes with an instructional slide deck, print and digital versions of student handouts and a rubric.

Inspired 🔮 by everything I would have LOVED ❤️ as a student – this means LOTS of visuals!

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My resources are always ✏️ editable!  This way, teachers can customize and personalize learning to meet the needs of 💜their unique students💜

I am PASSIONATE about assessment! Check out all the work I’ve done to create visual templates to guide your students through a process of meaningful reflection and authentic self-assessment.

Imagine handing out character cards to assign reading roles seamlessly. I’ve created color-coded character cards to print, laminate and reuse! Use these visual tools to help students keep the huge character list straight!

Don’t know where to start with graphic novels? I’ve got you covered! From PowerPoints, and no prep lessons, to One-Pagers and scaffolded analysis.

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